Check Out Your SEO Score Today!

Perform an SEO check and receive an analysis of on-page optimization ranking factors for any page.
Enter your website URL and see how optimised it is for your exact key phrase.
Also, compare with your competitor’s website.

This is what you will receive as part of your SEO analysis:

  • Site speed test, including time to load, size, and number of requests.
  • Analysis of your URL.
  • Title and meta description analysis, including mentions of your primary keyword and length.
  • SEO checker for images determines if you’re using the right file names and ALT tags.
  • Visualisation of the most used words on the page.
  • SEO audit of your heading tags, page copy, and code.
  • Analysis of social media metrics for the page and root domain.
  • Mobile-friendliness diagnosis.
  • Outbound and backlink analysis of the page and root domain.
  • High-level SEO check of your root domain.

After reviewing all of the items above, the LimesMedia SEO Checker & Website Analysis tool will provide you with a checklist of on-page optimizations you can start implementing right away!

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