SEO Feature
Start-Up Package

  • On Page SEO
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • Google AdWords research
  • One2One SEO course
  • Technical support

Affordable SEO

We will do the ground work for your website, create an organic structure that will make your site Google friendly.

Search Engine

  • Marketing strtegy
  • Relevant content
  • Organic ranking
  • Social Network setup
  • Link & Leads Building
  • Split Leads testing
money keywords research

Keywords Research

WordPress is evolving, flexible and perfect for website update by non-expert clients.

seo content


Your website needs to be seen Anytime, anywhere on multiple devices.

Link and leads building

Link Building

Generate sales with a powerful & professional cart system used by high street retailers.

strategie and ranking

Strategie & Ranking

Content Management System is what any e-commerce built-in website needs.

Responsive Web Design Price Plan

You may find below our main price plans for our web design services read through and have a look at individual plans or find below all the web design services offered.

Google Analytics

  • Create or Maintain account
  • Gmail Account (if required)
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Install Google Plug-in
  • Google to WordPress
  • Create Users access
  • Automated Reports
  • Create GOALS (Optional)
  • Video tutorial (Optional)

Content Writting

For Core Pages
  • Pages: 5 core pages
  • Keywords: 6 Research
  • Words: 100 per page
  • Links: Implemented links
  • Relevant link direction
  • H Tags Checks
  • Content relevancy check
  • ALT tag images (optional)
  • Content Split leads (optional)
W Content
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Search Engine Optimisation

E-commerce is what make online business so successful and a MUST have on your web project.generating income 24/7 online with a good shopping cart system is easy when you have the right tools and managed them right.

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