e-BookHow to manage MailChimp


Put the popular MailChimp email-marketing platform to work for you.

  • Getting Started with MailChimp
  • Setting up a subscriber list
  • Importing subscribers into a list
  • Integrating with social media
  • Creating & Sending Campaigns
  • and more…

Note: You will require winZip to open the files.

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Put the popular MailChimp email-marketing platform to work for you. MailChimp expertise will help you set up a free MailChimp account and add new or existing subscribers, and use list segments and groups to target your messaging for different types of audiences. We’ll show you how to use email templates to create engaging newsletters, and interpret the results that start flying in once you push Send. Because signing up subscribers is such a big part of your newsletter’s success, We will show you how to tailor sign-up forms and make them accessible via social media. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to grow your lists and get subscribers to open your emails and respond to calls to action.

Some of the features that make MailChimp so popular are: it’s super easy to use, it integrates with a lot of other services, it lets you brand your emails, it’s trusted, so your emails get through as long as you follow the rules, it gives you a bunch of easy-to-understand reports, and it’s forever free for lists up to 2,000. So with that basic introduction, let’s get started using MailChimp.

What will you learn?

  1. Getting Started with MailChimp
  2. Setting up a subscriber list
  3. Importing subscribers into a list
  4. Integrating with social media
  5. Creating & Sending Campaigns
  6. Working with Sign-up Forms
  7. Working with Subscriber Lists
  8. Engaging Your Subscribers


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